Wall Living Room Color With Black Furniture

Choosing a right wall living room with black furniture colour for your room is very important because a good colour can make your look more attractive, can increase the space of your room and most importantly it can make your room look more comfortable. Similarly, on the other hand a wrong choice of the colour can make all your effort in to a mess. So, it is very important to be planned, choosy and sceptic while choosing colour for your room especially your living room. Colours shades generally come under three categories the first is the dominant colour, then secondary colour and finally the accent shades. So, before you choose, you to be planned about the shades under these three categories. Through this article we are going to help you about the colour palette for your living room. In this article we are going to discuss the various shades and the tips that you have to keep in mind while choosing colours for your living room color.


Follow the 60-30-10 rule to wall living room color :

Wall Living Room Color With Black Furniture

Wall Living Room Color With Black Furniture

While coloring your living room always try to follow this rule, 60-30-10. There should be the perfect blending of the colour in these three categories. Your living room should contain 60 per cent of the dominant colour, 30 per cent of the colour should be of secondary colour and 10 per cent will be the accent colour. So try to maintain this accurate proportion of the colour for your living room.


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Proper shades for the dominant and the secondary colour:

Many a times it happens that the house owners usually go for the colours which may be look attractive even after it is being applied on the wall but after few days or weeks the colour become intolerable. So, before choosing the colour shades, be conscious about the dominant and secondary colour shades because they are in the greater proportion.  The colour shades should not irritate you later, as this can give a bad impression. {found on homedit }


Use of bold colours:

Bold colours actually refer to the bright or vibrant colours. So, if you have an interest to go for some of the bright or vibrant colours then it is advisable that you should use the bold colour as the accent colour as they are the least proportion and can give a finished look to your room.


Snatch the colour:

In most of the hotels we often see that the colour schemes usually match with one of the accessories of a room. So, you can easily apply this technique which colour your living area. Most of the fashionable accessories are present in the living area so, snatch a colour from one the largest accessories of your living area that be your siting area. You can apply the colour for your entire. In this it is advisable if you choose colour shades of neutral colour.


Effect of the colour:

Before you apply colour for your living room it is very important to know the various effect of the colour. Like the neutral or light shade colour increases the space of the room, in case if the living area is not that much spacious it’s better to choose lighter colour shades.

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Shades from floor to ceiling:

You can easily flatter with the colours for your living room color, for that you can apply for the mix and match trend as your colour schemes for your living area. Choose any darker colour shades for your floor and as medium colour shades and lighter colour shades for your ceiling.

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