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How to mount the wooden doors

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You need to install a door in the house but do not want to incur heavy expenses by reference to a bricklayer or a common installer fixtures? Well, you’re in the right place at the right time.

With this guide, in fact, you’ll see step by step how to install a wooden door, at home, without much difficulty. No special skills or knowledge required but simply a little bit of caution and patience.

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First, before moving on to actual practice, you will need to supply some materials and tools: nails (small), polyurethane foam, quick-setting glue for fixtures, silicone, screws, cordless drill, cement, hammer and a box-crazy.

The first thing you need to do is arrange accommodation for your wooden door. Head in a shop tools for the construction industry at home and bought a chest-nuts. The latter object is nothing more than a movable frame made of wood, which will form the side part and the outer of your door; and on which, furthermore, it will be installed on the frame of the actual door.

A method of mounting wooden doors

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After carefully reading the instructions, move the wooden planks at the size of the door, previously calculated.

Now place the cash-mad vertically downwards, below the opening of the partition wall where is placed the door. Embedded case-crazy at the bricks using the quick-setting cement. Let adhere well. Once the concrete starts to cure, terminated to fill the parts that have not remained attached by applying a bit of polyurethane foam, specifically towards the inside, and then adding more cement. At this point, you can safely leave everything to dry for a few days (it only takes two or three) in such a way that the concrete to solidify for good. Afterwards, you can go to a home improvement store to choose your door, paying close attention, of course, on the size. Returning home, open the door of the box, where you will find, in addition to the instruction manual, a kit that contains three main parts that divide a door: the frame, the frame and the sash.

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Mounted wooden doors: Install the interior wooden doors

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Good. We have reached the final part of the guide to fit doors to your home. Take the frame and position overlapping the checkout-crazy. Bring the screws supplied with the kit (in case they were not, Buy them separately in a hardware store) and, with the help of a cordless drill, flip them for good until the frame is stuck with the cash-crazy.

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Continue, repeating the same operation for all the remaining holes in the frame (usually serve three screws per side). At this point, paying much attention, try to position the door leaf close to the frame, in such a way that the metal joints present on the same tally (negative and positive). To facilitate this very delicate phase, you can also dip with wall joints oil. In order to precisely fit the latter, rotated slightly to the left and right the door. Subsequently, devote yourself to the frame of your door. Frame which must be placed around the frame, using nails and a hammer. To secure it well to wood, sometimes they are used silicone and glue appropriate.

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