What is the standard garage door size

There are many various garage door size including its height and width available in the market. Yet, you may question, “what is the standard garage door size?” You may need to find out the standard size of your garage door in order to install it correctly in your beloved home. In fact, there are at least 4 standard sizes of the garage door namely single, double, RV and commercial.  That is why this article may give the answer for your question by explaining these four categories. The answer can be seen in the following descriptions.

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1. Single garage door dimensions

There are some standard sizes of the single garage door dimensions. These single garage doors are provided in 3 options namely 8 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet and 10 x 7 feet. These measurements are available and suitable for accommodating your van, car, SUV or small truck. Larger and wider vehicles may need different standard garage door sizes. Before building your garage door, you have to make sure what you need and the size of your vehicles. That is why you are able to provide your vehicle using a suitable place with proper dimensions.

2. Double garage door dimensions

The double garage door sizes are bigger and wider compared to the single garage door ones. There are some measurements available for these double garage door dimensions. There are three kinds of double sizes of the garage door. These sizes are 12 x 7 feet, 14 x 7 feet and 16 x7 feet. These garage doors with double sizes are able to accommodate bigger vehicles. In addition, you are able to use the garage doors for a household with some small vehicles.

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what is the standard garage door size

3. RV garage door dimensions

RV or Recreational Vehicle garage door dimensions are able to provide you a garage door which can accommodate higher and bigger vehicles. It happens as it has different height compared to the previous standard garage door dimensions especially for its height. The RV garage door size is 16 x 8 feet. In order to accommodate the vehicles, you need to prepare your garage with at least 9 feet for its height. You need to plan your garage by understanding the number of your RVs and other vehicles which will be put in your garage.

4. Commercial garage door dimensions

If you are designed a garage for your company, you have to use bigger garage door compared to the previous garage door dimensions. Then, what is the standard garage door size for your commercial needs? The standard garage door size for commercial requirement is 32 x 24 feet. By using this size, you are able to accommodate your company’s trucks and other vehicles. Before building them, you have to make sure that you have designed the garage by considering the number of your vehicles and proper size garage to accommodate them. You are able to use the biggest truck that you have to plan your garage door properly. After that, you are able to install the perfect garage for your vehicles.

width of double garage door plays a major role in helping you to open you to open the garage door without the need of stepping out of your car

what is the standard garage door size

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